Feeling inspired? We can help you design, create, and install custom projects for your institution.


Custom Projects

We can help you customize and produce the most immersive and impactful experiences possible.

Build your own exhibition

Have an idea for a custom exhibition you’d like to bring to your institution? We can help you create installations and exhibitions of varied sizes across a wide range of subjects, genres, and narratives.

Update existing exhibitions

Are there current exhibitions you’d like to make more accessible? Increase accessibility at your institution by partnering with us to convert your existing installations into tactile pieces.

Tactile installations can also help you:

Illuminate the world

Bring art, science, history, and more to life in a unique and meaningful way for the blind and visually impaired community.

Enhance accessibility

Take your institution to the forefront of equality and accessibility for a wider audience, delivering on your mission statement.

Transform lives

Increase exposure to new patrons as well as other organizations who work to enhance the lives of underserved communities.

The J.W “Blind” Boone Installation

Working with the Missouri School
 for the Blind

In collaboration with the school’s superintendent, Geoffrey Barney, we created a custom multisensory tactile collage of African-American pianist John William Boone.

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